Zayn and Gigi appear to be compound

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  凤祥平台报道, Today, ZAYN and Gigi Hadid were kissed in New York joint, the first melon in May, eating good enough, in fact, the media had taken ZAYN to stay in Gigi Hadid's apartment a few days ago. Two people released a long text on twitter in March this year and announced a breakup. When all of you felt sorry for it, it was less than two months later, and two people went out together. ZAYN and Gigi Hadid were also collecting money and bank cards to help the tramps. This scene was also recorded by reporters. It's down.

  Two people in January 2016 love exposure, in mid March 2018 break up, mid April around the compound, this pair of children, the first time to break up, just a month less than the compound! Although everyone is not very able to understand, such frequent split in the end in the end how, like Selena and Bibb, so many years and so many times, really is the American and European idol drama, the end of the good tired, do not know how to repeat a few times! But I still hope they can always be happy. On the same day, Gigi Hadid was wearing a sunglasses, her face slightly swollen, and ZAYN's tattoo was very eye-catching. Some netizens also commented that ZAYN was very good to Gigi Hadid. Even if she didn't accept her proposal, she would always be nice to her. Netizens say their two compound is very good, and netizens like them very much. There is also a humorous comment from netizens to the fact that the tattoo of two people is not good enough to be changed. Xiaobian also admires the brain circuit of the netizen now, also very can get. But most netizens still support them and hope they can get together well.

 Zayn and Gigi Hadid

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