Kate Princess three baby Prince Meng exposure

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  凤祥平台报道, In April the 23rd, it was worth celebrating that Princess Kate gave birth to a boy of three, and the little prince weighed about 3.8 kilograms. Later, the princess of Kate and Prince William held the baby with her, and the princess was dressed in a red dress, and the little prince was in his mother's arms. According to people familiar with the matter, this is the third child of her and Prince William, and the successor of the British royal family. Some netizens said Kate how feel so hard to remember when students sigh a little girl is just born will hold out, felt that a child is not too strenuous, Xiaobian feel this wave of ridicule is very powerful.

   After the three baby Prince of Kate, she also exposed the British local time in April 23rd. After the successful birth of the three child, Prince William led Prince George and princess Sherlock to the hospital to pick up their mother and brother. Later, Princess Kate and Prince William waved the little prince with the newborn baby, and the princess was very well, and the little prince was quiet in his mother's arms. Princess Kate showed up to greet the little prince 7 hours after delivery. Princess Diana, who was born 33 years ago, gave birth to Prince Harry's uniform red dress when he was released from hospital. On that day, Princess Sherlock and Prince George went to the hospital to visit their new brother with their father. But there are netizens who say Kate is more fortunate than Diana. She has a love for her husband, a public appearance after production, the hand of the princess, Charles, back to the back, not knowing what to think, and no joy at the birth of a child. This is just some netizens' own supervisor's idea, and there is a father who doesn't like their children. Xiao Bian is happy for them.

  Kate Princess three baby

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