Li qin and Yang Yang were lovers before

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  凤祥平台报道,When it comes to li qin, you might think of li qin as a very quiet and kind girl, but li qin is very gentle.When li qin participated in "running," he was also very kind and amiable in the group of Chen hei, and she was regarded as a quiet beauty in the entertainment circle.Li Qin now, however, has not the right partner, there is no coming and other male star gossip, then may be a lot of people will be very curious, and who had a romance before Li Qin.

   Before Li Qin and Yang Yang once training and act together, this time it was for two years, and then Li Qin and Yang Yang are very young, are in that period of first lost, nature also can produce the love of two people, even if two people don't admit, is that all behavior and action.At the time of Yang Yang is because in the learning phase, the girl of natural contact very little, so Yang Yang, Li Qin, Jim and mengjie jiang, four men are very good friends, and four men always go out to play together, and go out to dinner, eat food taken late at night, and so on and so on.Pictures from that time, however, can see come out, Yang Yang feelings for Li Qin is very special, Yang Yang to close Li Qin always involuntarily, two people close move really put a lot of people are envy ah, especially the two pictures with frame, two people look at each other's eyes are full of love.After that, the two people cooperated a lot of movies and TV series, I think the two people's feelings must be very deep.Now, li qin has no boyfriend and Yang Yang has no girlfriend, expecting to hear the good news from two people.

  Li Qin

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